Fake Shemp (shemp_o2stk) wrote in 2_pints,
Fake Shemp

New Member howdy

Name: Rachel
Age: 21 (for a few days more, 22 on Halloween)
Location: Newcastle
How long have you been a fan of 2 pints/ Grownups?:
Two Pints - since it began, I've always watched it. Grownups.. tried the first series, nope not for me.
Who is your favourite character from these?: Janet
Why?: Ickle and cute, great lines, great boobs LOL
What is you favourite episode from 2 pints/ Grownups?: musical i suppose, or the horror episode, i love all episodes of two pints really
Why?: for horror it was genuinly eerie, probs cause of the no laughter off audience tho, and the musical... two pints takes a lot of chances with itself and it alwaus pays off... re- live episode too.
Anything else you would like to say/ share?: love the show, here's to a new series *cheers*
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